Managers, stop lumbering!

March 19, 2014 | 1 min read

Professor Jo Caris wrote an article in TvOO on the manageability and organization of professional health care. Despite decades of quality improvements in the health care sector, the criticism further to mistakes and errors continues to increase. Even after all of the attempts to cut back on costs, it seems that the costs of health care only continue to increase. Contrary to the research results, there remains the criticism that there are too many managers. Establishing protocols and supervision cost more time and lead to irritation. Administrators are held responsible for mistakes and professional behavior that they are not able to influence. One can wonder whether this sector and the companies in this sector, in view of the increasing scale and specialization, can even be managed at all. Unmanageability means that every attempt to implement a systematic improvement is not possible, or does not lead to the desired effect, due to the opposing forces: it is too expensive, it disrupts daily practice or it evokes too much resistance. Therefore reason enough to consider these companies from a different organizational perspective.


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TvOO: Managers, stop met harken!, Jo Caris (2014) 

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