Management boot camp for young doctors

By Nardo van der Meer | August 21, 2014 | 1 min read

Forty medical specialists in training are provided the latest (academic) insight into leadership, strategy, finance and operations during a Summer Academy of TIAS School for Business and Society and the Medical Business Education Foundation (MBE) from 25 August to 29 August.

There is little consideration within the basic curriculum for physicians for knowledge of the financial, managerial and organizational course of events within the Dutch health care sector. And that, despite the fact that the physician can greatly influence medical expenses in daily practice.

The Summer Academy provides a crash course in initiating processes of change in the health care sector. In just one week, doctors acquire a sound basic knowledge of subjects that receive too little attention in the basic curriculum, but that are very important for the adequate functioning of the health care sector.

“Doctors have the leading roles in the health care sector. They are expected to lead wards that may consist of up to 150 people, without having any relevant experience or knowledge to that end. Subjects such as efficiency and quality control are important to care institutions. By providing these young doctors with knowledge concerning leadership, strategy, finance and operations, they can improve processes in health care”, says professor Nardo van der Meer, who is ultimately responsible for the Summer Academy.

The Summer Academy ‘An update in Health care Management’ is an interactive and intensive week with the latest (academic) insights into leadership, strategy,  logistics, management and quality & safety in health care, supported by case studies from actual health care practice. This may concern hospitals, but also lectures on the functioning of the pharmaceutical industry, the health inspectorate, health insurers and the government.  Instructors are, among others, professor Theo Camps (Beerenschot and TIAS), professor Bart Berden (chairman of the Managing Board Elisabeth/Tweesteden and  TIAS) professor Loek Winter (MC group) and professor Nardo van der Meer (intensive care physician Amphia hospital and TIAS). The Summer Academy came about with the support of Roche, BDO, Dirkzwager and Toshiba, among others.

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