Life after TIAS: Working at Accenture

February 27, 2019 | 1 min read

A blog post written by Cathy Yiwei Fu | Full-time MScBA alumna 2015-2016 | Specialization: Business Analytics

Thanks to one of the TIAS MScBA specializations, Business Analytics, I had the chance to connect with areas as Business Intelligence, Business Processes and Big Data Analysis. While writing my thesis, I had the thoughts of searching for a job as a technology consultant, positioning myself between technology and business.

How I found this job?

Firstly, I found an internship assignment via LinkedIn at the IT consultancy company Atos. There, I helped the Atos Siemens alliance team for developing their partnership, from a marketing and strategic perspective. Additionally, I had the chance to help one of the co-developed demos between two companies and promote the technology to the market.

Afterwards, because of my accumulated internship experience at a consultant company, as well as my board member experience at TIAS Student Consultancy, I found my current job as a Junior Technology Consultant at Accenture Technology via one of my friends’ referral.

How is working at Accenture?

At Accenture, I always have the chance to be assigned to different clients from variety of industries. So far, I have worked for an international well-known product client, one of the biggest Telecom clients in Europe and an energy client in the Netherlands. Besides different industries, different responsibilities and assignments, continuous opportunities and challenges are provided to me.

During the first year, I was working at the roles of delivery management track, setting up the project plan, monitoring project execution until project Go-Live successfully. Consequently, I got my first promotion recently after one year and half working at Accenture. Three months ago, I started to engage with the detailed SAP functional consultant role, where I started to learn about SAP Finance and Controlling, about the detailed different functionalities, and how those functionalities could benefit clients winning from Financial digital transformation.

My advice to you!

  1. Keep networking. You never know at which moment you could come across someone;
  2. Understand your advantages and disadvantages; do not hesitate to promote yourself when the chances are coming;
  3. If you receive an interview invite, it is better to pre-connect with someone from the company to know more about the company culture, the company organizational structure, etc.

Advice to international students: learn some basic Dutch, and during the interview, you can show to the company that you would like to put effort on integrating with the company. P.S. except for the country specific companies.

Good luck!


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