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Digital strategy: dreaming, daring and doing!

February 17, 2016 | 1 min read

Everybody recognizes the importance of social and digital media. But strategically anchoring these resources within an organization is quite another matter. Where should we start? A visit to the mobile service provider CM in Breda helps participants of the Masterclass Social Business & Digital Strategy take the step from "dreaming and daring" to "doing".

CM offers a platform enabling customers to reach their target group via messaging, payments, apps and voice. If a company wants to continue to distinguish itself from others, then it will have to continuously innovate. How does CM find its way in the flood of technological developments and possibilities? During a guided tour, CEO Jeroen van Glabbeek tells the participants of the Masterclass about the strategic choices which the company has made.

Digital transformation

An instructive business case, according to Prof. Dr. Rudy Moenaert, a lecturer at the Masterclass Social Business & Digital Strategy. "It is important that people learn to make choices in the diversity of digital technologies with which they are confronted. Social media and digital technologies are still too often seen as the means to an end, instead of embedding them from the basis. According to Moenaert, the CM presentation helps to gain an insight into what digital transformation really entails. "If you want to understand something, then you sometimes have to get your feet dirty. And the participants note: the world really has changed. Standing still is no longer an option."

Don't spend too much time thinking

How can we integrate digital strategy into corporate strategy, thereby embedding it into the organization? What direction do we want the organization to take? How can we concretize the steps that are to be taken and how do we get the rest of the organization to participate? These are important strategic questions which need answering, something which is demonstrated once again during the visit to CM.

At the same time we conclude: don't spend too much time thinking, but try. Just get on with it, because the technological innovations will not wait. Or as a participant described it: "The most important insight is that the world is in such a state of transition that we don't know the answer to the future. So we shouldn't try to find those answers now, but just get started. We will experience the culmination."

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