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May 17, 2022 | 1 min read
Atul Pillai came from India to the Netherlands in 2019 to complete his MBA. After completing his studies, he started working as a Technology Advisor at KPMG. “It was a big step for myself and my family to leave everything behind and go to university abroad. So it had to be a well-considered decision.”

The TIAS approach

Atul chose TIAS because of the proven quality and approach of the program. Atul: ‘The whole program is structured around three pillars: academic development, personal development and societal knowledge. For me, what TIAS was offering really mattered. I would have gained the academic knowledge anyway, but I also believe in personal development.’

Watch the video where Atul talks about the diversity of the group, his personal development and how he improved his empathic skills.



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Every year, TIAS welcomes 3,400 driven and ambitious leaders, managers and professionals seeking change. Who want to get the best out of themselves and want to create impact for their organization and its environment. 

Because they, like no other, can tell what the impact has been on their personal and professional development, we share some of their stories.

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At TIAS we believe in Life Long Development, continuous personal, professional and network development during and after your studies. With more knowledge, better skills and a broader network, you will be able to create more impact and be successful.

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