A year at TIAS: yet another adventure of my life!

December 27, 2018 | 1 min read

I moved to Netherlands about a year ago and heard about TIAS from a friend and immediately decided to check the school out. I really loved TIAS’ practical application approach for every course, so I decided to join the MScBA for the year 2018-2019.

We are a big batch of around 110 students due to which we are divided into two classes namely the Tulips and the Windmills. I am a part of the Tulips. The first 2 weeks of the prep-courses were very intense, but all of us survived. After that, the foundation courses started which were very interesting and challenging at the same time. The foundation courses really helped me to understand various topics in the business world.

What I really loved in the first semester at TIAS is the balance between theory and practice in every course. We were constantly given brainstorming group work after learning new theories, so that we could immediately apply what we just had learnt.

We were also given our study groups in the first week of foundation courses and I must say, I was truly blessed to have an amazing study group. We are five of us from different nationalities including Italy, Colombia, Taiwan, The Netherlands and me (India). It has been great to work with my study group in college and to hang out after classes. We usually go for beers every time we finish a course. Our class too are very diverse in nationalities and culture. There are students from all round the world. It is always fun studying with such great people.

I also enjoyed the effective communication and learning lab sessions a lot. It taught me a great deal about myself and communication in general both in professional as well as personal life. It is rightly said that time flies when you are busy and having fun because, now it’ s already the end of our foundation courses and soon we will be moving on to our specializations. We will all be having new classmates as per our tracks and new study groups. I chose to study Business Analytics. I am excited to start the next semester in January after Christmas Holidays.   

This blog was written by Full-time MScBA student Neha Agrawal (28) from India.

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