A year at TIAS: The decision that changed my life

March 14, 2019 | 1 min read

Sitting at Noi Bai international airport in Vietnam, I suddenly doubted my decision to pursue a master’s program. However, the hesitation, the reluctance and the anxiety easily went away after a few days of emerging into a new environment, making new friends, exploring new cultures and a new way of life.

At first, the study is a real challenge with a condensed schedule of 1 week of lectures and then 1 week of studying for the exams, completing the assignments or meetings with the personal coaches. Despite such a tight calendar, teachers and TIAS staff are the true inspiration and the firm support, which make studying challenging, yet interesting and engaging. I can see the knowledge I got from TIAS will help me in real-life jobs. This is not usually the case in my country, Vietnam, where education focuses more on theory instead of practice. We are facing continuous questions and obstacles to overcome and we are growing every day through studying and experiencing. Besides, the learning labs which target soft skills and the career development program are significantly helpful regarding our future career.

And what is better than making friends. People from the whole MScBA class are friendly, energetic and kind. My study group is also international, consisting of students from the Netherlands, China, Russia and Vietnam. I have learned a lot about cultural differences and working in teams. Even though there might be initial difficulties in communication, it is a fun part of the study that I am always looking forward to. To become their friend is truly my privilege because of how thoughtful they are. For me, it is the best study group I have ever had in over 16 years of studying in various environments.

The Vietnamese group at TIAS is also close with constant meet-ups and parties that make the life abroad less exhausting. All of them are the ones that make my life in the Netherlands memorable.

The first semester came by quickly. Even though I know that the upcoming time will be much more difficult with challenging subjects in the Business Analytics Track, I cannot wait to jump in and experience them. And if there is any question about my decision of studying at TIAS, “best decision ever” will always be my answer.

This blog was written by Full-time MScBA student Kien Trung Nguyen (25) from Vietnam.

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