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Webinar: Valuations, Standardization, and Synergy

By Dirk Brounen | February 19, 2015 | 1 min read

What is the value of real estate in 2015 and how do we arrive at that assessment? These questions are central to this webinar by TIAS VastgoedLAB.

Image: © Nationale Beeldbank

Real estate valuation has been in the spotlight for several years now. With the value of real estate falling regularly, it is important to clarify the current state of affairs. More and more parties in the real estate chain are hoping for a transparent standard when it comes to receiving a good estimation of this intermediate situation. With the 28 recommendations and good practices of the PTA (Surveyors and Accountants Platform) in mind, we look to the future of Dutch real estate valuations.

How are valuations currently being carried out? To what extent can this process be standardized? What is the added value of having a standard and what are the drawbacks and objections?

These questions are central to this webinar by TIAS VastgoedLAB. Guest speaker Koen Sauerbornstrasse (ING) talks about his experience in the market and the results of his own research.


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Good practices, PTA (2014)
Standaardisatie Vastgoedtaxaties, Sauerborn (2014)
Aligning incentives in supply chains, HBR (2004)


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