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Webinar: Housing corporations: what's the next step?

By Dirk Brounen | November 26, 2014 | 1 min read

The parliamentary inquiry into the housing corporations has caused much of a stir. Many painful errors were brought into the light, so harsh lessons could be learned. But what is the actual yield? What insights have the parliamentary inquiries brought us? What will change in the future, and even more so, what must change, outside the obvious discussion with regards to salary, lease Maserati's and trade in derivatives?

On Wednesday 3 December, professors Dirk Brounen (TIAS) and Cor van Montfort (TIAS) will give their view on the matter, now that the dust has settled. Both contributed to the background studies for the inquiry committee and will present the main conclusions. During 30 minutes, they share experiences, facts and results with the viewers, LIVE from the studio in Tilburg.

The webinar will be in Dutch and the livestream starts Wednesday 3 December at 12.00 AM and offers viewers the chance to ask questions and participate from behind their computer. Participation is free.

Couldn't make the date? View the webinar on your own time here.

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