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Robots or people? The line manager knows the answer

February 11, 2016 | 1 min read

Are loyal and motivated employees less important in these times of robotization and flexibility? Nothing could be further from the truth! People are still the most important asset for any organization. So the strategic deployment of talent management fulfills a key role in long term success.

"In spite of the many changes in work and on the labor market, the need for the employment of motivated, involved and competent employees remains unchanged", points out Dr. Charissa Freese, senior researcher of New Labor Relations at TIAS and teacher in the Master Class Strategic HRM for Managers. So a good adage for many organizations would be: recognize, develop and use your employees' talent.

An enormous challenge

However, managing employees is no easy matter. Line managers face an enormous challenge. Societal developments, such as aging and flexibility, but also high performance pressure have a significant influence on peoples' work and consequently on the organization of labor. How can you as a manager exert a direct influence on the results of good HR policy? How do you get employees to excel and how do you prepare yourself for new developments on the labor market?

Freese: "Line management has the task of translating the strategic direction to their employees and to encourage them to aim for organizational objectives with enthusiasm. So it is crucially important to know what drives these people, and how this relates to strategic organizational objectives."

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