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Great confidence in potential of Brabant cities

By Ingrid Janssen | November 20, 2013 | 1 min read

Real estate professionals in the Dutch province of Brabant have considerable confidence in the economic resilience and potential of cities in Brabant and the real estate market. That is evident from a study conducted by TIAS School for Business and Society involving over 200 real estate professionals in Brabant.

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According to the sector, the province's good accessibility, strong economy with two top-notch universities, a growing number of international leading companies and a high-quality residential environment provide an excellent starting position for attracting new investment and future economic growth. At the same time, these elements must be reinforced further in order to compete with cities in other similar regions (such as Cologne, Munich, Lyon, etc.).

More intensive cooperation required

In particular, the overall agglomerative strength of cities in Brabant should be increased further via more intensive cooperation between economic sectors (agro-food, high-tech, logistics), the cooperation between businesses, knowledge institutions and government, and the cooperation between the four cities of Eindhoven, 's -Hertogenbosch, Tilburg and Breda. Despite good cooperation within subregions (Brainport, Strategic Board South-West Brabant are fine examples), better cooperation is needed particularly on the spatial scale level of the cities mentioned above and their agglomerative strength must be utilised and positioned more effectively.

Studies conducted by the Netherlands Environment Assessment Agency (PBL) and the OECD demonstrate that the most powerful European regions distinguish themselves thanks to sublime cooperation between businesses, knowledge institutions and government on the appropriate spatial scale level. In Brabant, however, we still operate on islands too much, according to the researchers Raheil Aziz and Ingrid Janssen from TIAS.

15th anniversary of the Brabant Real Estate Society

The study was carried out to mark the 15th anniversary of the Brabant Real Estate Society. Conducted in collaboration with TIAS, it examined what investors, developers, construction companies, real estate agents, advisers and authorities think about the potential and weaknesses of the climate for establishing business and residence in Brabant.

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