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March 16, 2023 | 1 min read
Erwin Tuin TIASErwin Tuin will graduate from the TIAS Executive Master Management and Organization (MMO) in 2023. Erwin is Manager Customer Care at car leasing firm ALD Automotive. In his organization he has taken on the role of catalyst and raiser of tough questions, to further interconnect business and society and shape the Corporate Social Responsibility policy in the image of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. “I’m learning so much about how we can navigate this as an organization, and how I can make an impact.”

Increasingly complex issues

During his career Erwin discovered that life-long learning suited him. The main thing Erwin wanted to learn in the Master of Management and Organization is how to deal with increasingly complex issues. ‘’and I wanted to learn how to slow things down by asking better questions, so we don’t rush into solutions’’.


In his search for the right program, Erwin was struck by how TIAS explicitly mentioned “society”. “I wasn’t familiar with TIAS at the time, but that’s not a word you often see in the descriptions of similar programs. I discovered that TIAS integrated ‘society’ into their program, instead of tacking it on as an afterthought. That was a big plus for me. And after almost a year in this program, I can confirm that TIAS also walks the walk.’’

‘’With what I have learned during the master’s program, I am trying to raise my voice more around the SDGs that we need to support better. In part so our organization can have even more influence in those areas.’’


Read in the interview how Erwin learned how to further interconnect business and society and how you can contribute to solving SDG issues.

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Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s)

SDG BarometerHow are Dutch organizations doing at the halfway point for meeting the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2030? TIAS School for Business and Society conducted research.

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Grow at TIAS

At TIAS we believe in Life Long Development, continuous personal, professional and network development during and after your studies. With more knowledge, better skills and a broader network, you will be able to create more impact and be successful.

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