A year at TIAS: Hectic but fulfilling

April 11, 2019 | 1 min read
A year at TIAS: Hectic but fulfilling

All of a sudden, our last course at TIAS will end within 2 months. The story started in August 2018, when we first met all our fellow students at TIAS. In the first few months of this ‘honeymoon’, everyone was super excited about coming to this vibrant city, Utrecht, and getting to know our classmates from all over the world. Everyone looked ambitious and we were ready to challenge ourselves to push our limits and to take the upcoming unknown, but exciting, adventure at TIAS.

There are three reasons why I love studying at TIAS. Firstly, our MScBA courses are offered in an accelerated block format in which we can focus on one or two subjects at a time. In this way, in most cases, we just need to concentrate on the four-whole-day course of one subject then we have one following free week to work on our various assignments or prepare for the exams.

Secondly, the multiple cultures that students bring to TIAS is amazing. Here at TIAS, we have plenty of time to interact with friends from a wide range of countries, to communicate with our study groups from different backgrounds, to participate in a student association that we are interested in, and to run a project together. One of the interesting diversified phenomena that can be easily observed at TIAS is that every culture has its unique dietary habit that we can learn from during lunchtime.

Lastly, one of the most valuable sources that TIAS provides for us is the Personal Leadership and Career Development Program (PCDP) in which we are assigned to an individual coach with whom we can discuss our career planning or share our life experiences. At TIAS, we are offered many bridges by which we can connect with real industries, putting our learning into practice.

Time flies by. There are less than two months left until we complete all our courses and start our thesis. The time we spent at TIAS is so hectic and fulfilling that we will bring this precious memory to the next adventure of our life.

This blog was written by Full-time MScBA student Yi-Chun Lin (29) from Taiwan.


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