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October 11, 2022
Utrecht Campus
January 31, 2023
Utrecht Campus
3 days
€ 3350 (exempt from VAT)

Stay Ahead of the Competition With a Unique Innovation Strategy 

In today's market, organizations are constantly being challenged to change—by their environment, their competitors and their customers. Market borders are blurring and interactions are becoming ever more transparent and erratic. Organizations can no longer solely rely on the unique brand they built; in this dynamic market, they need to be able to constantly adapt to change. Innovation is not a project, but a competence, and must be embedded in the organization as such.

Master Class in Innovation

The Master Class in Innovation has been specifically developed for managers, professionals and change experts who want to improve their organization's innovative capacity. In three days, you will break through the barriers that stand in the way of successful innovation in your organization. You will learn to use practical tools and gain the latest academic insights in the field of innovation. You will also learn to recognize, influence and manage key aspects such as strategy, leadership, structure, and culture. Besides interactive lectures and discussions, the Master Class offers team assignments and case studies from renowned institutions, including Harvard Business School. Is this program not exactly what you are looking for? Then take a look at our other innovation, transformation & change programs.

Reasons to Choose TIAS

  • #1 Business School in Executive Education in the Netherlands according to the Financial Times 2020
  • All our lecturers are top academics and outstanding experts in their fields
  • Rated 8.4/10 by our participants
  • Flexible learning options, tailored to your needs
  • Knowledge you can put to use within your organization immediately

Participant Profile

Master Class in Innovation participants are proactive and committed managers, professionals, and change experts. They are looking for a fast way in order to gain the latest scientific knowledge of innovation, knowledge they can immediately apply in their organizations. Our Master Class consists of interactive lectures, workshops and assignments, as well as—a key element—reflection on your daily practice. This combination offers a fast and intensive way of updating your innovation expertise.

For people working in healthcare, education or government, we have developed a special Master Class in Innovation & Transformation.

InCompany Program for Organizations

TIAS School for Business and Society also provides InCompany training for organizations. TIAS will draw up a program of practical relevance that is fully in line with the organization’s ambitions and development concerns, based on the latest scientific insights. For more information about our InCompany options, please contact the Program Adviser.

Why choose this Master Class?

  • Expertise: Acquire the insights and skills you need to successfully innovate your organization
  • Future-proof: Gain the latest knowledge on innovation to stay ahead of the competition 
  • Flexibility: Interactive and flexible learning
  • Practice-oriented: Put the knowledge you gained to use immediately
  • Interaction with a Diverse Group of Participants: Peer-to-peer learning through interactive work methods—compare your and your company's situation to other companies and cases

Use Innovation to Take Your Organization to the Next Level

The Master Class in Innovation provides you with the latest scientific insights as well as useful tools to truly boost your organization's innovative capacity.

Innovation and an innovation strategy are essential to help organizations grow and improve their competitive capacity. The Master Class in Innovation provides the knowledge and skills you need to make innovation a top priority in your company.

What Does the 3-Day Master Class in Innovation Offer You?

  • You will gain new insights, ideas and practical tools to improve the innovative capacity of your organization
  • You will learn how to make sure your company stays ahead of changes in the market and stays competitive
  • You and your peers will learn and share knowledge in interactive lectures, workshops, practical assignments and real-life examples
  • You will know how to use your newly gained knowledge and skills to achieve strategic goals and create value for the organization
  • You will be able to put your new insights and ideas to use immediately, giving this Master Class a high ROI—for yourself and your organization

Alumna Ursula Buiteman - Business Developer Hospitality, Welkom!

"I took the Master Class in Innovation to understand what helps companies stay ahead of the changes in the commercial market. The lectures are taught by professors who apply the theory they teach, making this a hands-on, goal-oriented, educational and challenging Master Class. Participants are taken out of their comfort zone. There are discussions to which the lecturers provide further background, after which they make sure that the participants have mastered what they learned. A wonderful addition is the game, which gives you insight into your own ideas. Then there are the discussions with the other participants, another highly valuable aspect."

Knowledge You Can Put to Use Immediately

The TIAS 3-day Master Class in Innovation will provide you with insights and knowledge you can apply immediately. By handling innovation as a process instead of a project, you will put your organization ahead of the pack in a dynamic market.

Master Class in Innovation – Program

During the Master Class in Innovation we will explore issues relating to organization, culture, new business models, allocation of people and resources, and trade-offs regarding investments and governance. We provide the theories, thought frameworks and tools to tackle these complex issues. The lectures focus on acquiring a set of strong analytical tools that will help you analyze difficult innovation issues and find solutions, regardless of the context. This is what the 3-day program looks like:

Day 1: Market and Technological Changes

We analyze the market and technological changes. Innovation requires knowledge, not just creativity, after all. Successful innovators agree that innovation is 99% hard work and 1% creativity. The hard work mainly consists of forecasting, recognizing and responding to environmental, technological and market changes. During the sessions, we study the impact of change to existing companies, the ensuing challenges, and ways of dealing with them. A strategic innovation simulation is used to give participants hands-on experience with real-life dilemmas. It helps them understand the choices they face, the information they need and the implications of bad choices. Next, we dive further into the process of innovation and the related tools, such as the funnel, portfolio analysis, different kinds of project teams, managing the 'fuzzy front-end' and choosing innovation projects.

Day 2: Re-inventing Organizations

We look into future-proof organizational forms. What are the underlying design principles that make organizations agile? This flexibility is key as it allows organizations to respond to the current pace and complexity of developments. What does this mean for the way we can shape and manage innovation as a core organizational competence? We also look at the zeitgeist—does it affect the way in which we manage organizations and employees? Current management methods seem to be becoming obsolete. Besides product, process, value and business innovation, it may be time to innovate the way we think about management.

Day 3: Practical Implementation

During the last day we take a practical approach to the topic of 'Innovation and organization'. We come up with a challenge on innovation, the organization of innovation, making strategic choices and sustainable innovation. Participants work in teams, using the consultative approach to formulate solutions. Their approach will be evaluated in the group.

Program subject to possible changes.


Upon completion of the Master Class you will receive the TIAS School for Business and Society Certificate of Innovation.

We aim to form groups of participants with lots of talent, experience and potential. We therefore impose admission requirements. This helps us guarantee provision of education at the highest level. What we ask:

  • At least 5 years' work experience in a relevantposition
Higher or academic education and equivalent professional ability

Investment for the Master Class in Innovation

The investment for the 3-day Master Class in Innovation is € 3350 (exempt from VAT), including literature, coffee/tea/soft drinks, lunch and refreshments during study days.

Benefits For Your Organization

  • An immediate Return OnInvestment, as you will be able to put the knowledge you acquired to usefrom day one
  • Thanks to the lectures of our outstandinglecturers—all active publishing researchers—you will be up to date on thelatest scientific insights and knowledge
  • You will be able to actively contribute to yourorganization's strategic goals

How do you finance your education?

You have found the program that best suits your learning goals and ambitions. But how do you finance this? There are different ways to do that. Your employer can play a role, but there are also interesting statutory regulations that you can use yourself. We list the possibilities for you.

Read about the possibilities here »

Diploma of Leadership & Management

Complete four other master classes to receive the TIAS Diploma in Leadership & Management.


Rudy Moenaert
Full Professor
Toni Sfirtsis
Associate Professor
Jorien van Loopik-van Dijk
Jorien van Loopik-van Dijk
Program Adviser
+31 13 466 86 14

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