A foster care organization in the new youth care system.

January 14, 2014 | 1 min read

Youth care is subject to dynamics. General dissatisfaction about the effectiveness of youth care prompted the government to take drastic measures. Changes to the system were announced in the coalition agreement. Municipalities will be responsible for the funding and technical implementation related to youth care. The William Schrikker Foster Care organization (WSP) is a youth care provider that operates on a national level, providing foster care for children with a disability who are forced into care. Nationally operating foster care providers are in a unique position. They are guaranteed demand and funding. When the new system enters into force in 2014 these privileges will no longer apply. It is unclear how the WSP must position itself in the new system.

Image: © Nationale Beeldbank

It has been concluded that the WSP currently occupies a position that must be reviewed in light of the new developments. Two strategic options are presented. The defensive option assumes the WSP will cease its activities or operate as a subcontractor for regional foster care providers. The offensive strategy assumes a radical change of direction. The WSP will then focus on a target group of children that require extremely skilled and intensive (medical) care, will not differentiate between municipalities and will not have a complex relationship with parents.

The study was conducted in 2011.

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The positioning of the William Schrikker Foster Care organization in the new youth care system, Martin den Hartog (2012) - in Dutch

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