Cooperation between hospital and MSB

February 5, 2016 | 1 min read

The introduction of integral financing on January 1, 2015 has had, in addition to fiscal consequences, an impact on hospital governance: since January 1, 2015 virtually all general and specialized clinical hospitals in the Netherlands have implemented the cooperation model. This survey mapped the impact which the introduction of the cooperation model had on the operation of hospitals based on the results of the first six months.

In response to the Minister's request to provide a scan that would help understand how boards of directors exercise their ultimate responsibility for quality and safety of medical treatments and the correct declaration thereof, and to find out whether supervisory boards and representative advisory bodies have been able to make a sufficient difference in their position, TIAS professors Edith Hooge, Louis Houwen, Nardo van der Meer, Rob Slappendel, and senior researcher Wout Koelewijn have done research into the matter.

This report was completed last week and presented to parliament. The research team's additional guidance also provides targeted leads that help in the development of cooperation between the hospital and the medical specialist company (MSB).

Does the cooperation between hospital and MSB show development toward good governance?

The research has shown that the implementation of the cooperation model has increased the demands placed on the governance of hospitals. The governance theme is no longer a topic that is relevant only for hospital directors, but also for directors of the MSB. To be truly effective, both types of directors have no other choice but cooperate and they will have to work together to build up trust among themselves and their organizations. 

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