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Webinar: Sales success in real estate

November 16, 2015 | 1 min read

How do you sell successfully in a bad market? This question occupies the minds of players ranging from the Central Government Real Estate Agency to small real estate companies.

While in Amsterdam 40 percent of homes are already being sold above the asking price, many real estate lenders struggle to reduce their lending portfolio at reasonable terms. But how do you sell successfully, in terms of both time and price? What selling strategies are there and which strategy works best at each given moment? 

On November 19, Dirk Brounen (TIAS) received experience expert Hans Copier. Since June 2013, Hans Copier has been working on a special assignment as Chairman of the Board of Directors of Propertize – cutting back a portfolio of loans and real estate within 10 years. He aims to achieve this with the lowest possible costs and risks and the highest possible return. Now, a quarter into the 10-year period, it is a good moment to take stock, and Hans shares his experiences with the viewers of this free webinar livestream.


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