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TIAS: Moving towards sustainable aviation

February 22, 2022 | 1 min read
The TIAS MBA is working in partnership with the MBA of University of Exeter Business School (UK) and the Royal Schiphol Group to address one of the most complex goals of sustainable development: how can flying become cleaner and greener?

Ground-breaking initiatives for sustainability

Royal Schiphol Group, which owns Schiphol Amsterdam - the third busiest international airport in the world in 2022 - wants to run the world’s most sustainable airports by 2050. It is constantly working on making its airports - and the aviation sector - more sustainable through ground-breaking initiatives addressing the impact of stakeholders in the airport, in the air, and going to and from the airport.

How collaboration can inspire sustainable innovation

Full-time MBA students from TIAS and Exeter will collaborate to provide consultancy advice to Royal Schiphol Group as part of the UtrExe Sustainable Business Development Challenge 2022. Mirjam Minderman, Business and Society Policy Adviser at TIAS, said “This is such an important opportunity for the TIAS and Exeter MBA students to experience how collaboration can inspire sustainable innovation and business models. Grasping the complexity of this particular challenge and contributing to the larger goal of a CO2-neutral aviation sector by 2050, is great experiential learning for the students and imperative for responsible management education.” 

Gretchen van der Spek, Director International Business Administration Programs at TIAS, emphasizes the importance of the UtrExe Challenge, saying “Developing leaders to transform business to serve society is the mission of TIAS. This partnership with University of Exeter Business School is an exciting opportunity to collaborate internationally on a topic that is important to both business schools. Working on an SDG challenge for the Royal Schiphol Group enables the students to put into practice all the knowledge and skills developed during the MBA in order to create a positive impact on business and society as well as to support their personal and career development.”  


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