Drs. Sicco van der Sluis

Drs. Sicco van der Sluis



Sicco is 62 years old, living in Zwolle and husband of Saskia and father of Mirjam and Karen.

Working in the field of labour and health since 1986. Initially as a researcher and later in managerial positions. Since 2001, active as consultant on sustainable employability and organisational development for medium-sized and large organisations. As a strategic partner and coach for the board and management. Supporting and advising in the development and implementation of change processes aimed at making organisations more employable. I focus on both the management (behaviour) and the 'systems' (such as procedures and processes). Supervising intervision, training and coaching of managers and executives, analysis, research and appreciative organisation are part of my repertoire. See also: www.siccovandersluis.nl.

Co-author of:

  • Dutch practice guideline NEN 6070: Steering sustainable employability of employees. This guideline focuses on organisational steering and is intended as a guide for organisations to improve their policy and results in the field of sustainable employability.
  • The Sustainable employability knowledge file. Knowledge dossiers focus in particular on professionals and interested parties, they aim to help these groups to access the available knowledge. For enthusiasts: https://www.arbokennisnet.nl/kennisdossiers/organisatie/duurzame-inzetbaarheid/download/



In 2021, I started a PhD on Pygmalion in the workplace: how implicit conceptions about people and work influence the actions of managers and employees during long-term absenteeism (and thus the outcome of reintegration).

Since 2015, I have also been active as a (part-time) lecturer at the Master LOSP at Windesheim University of Applied Sciences. In the module "Leadership in pedagogical change processes", master students are shown how to (think and) act in change processes with pedagogical intent.