Mw.dr. Margriet van der Sluis PhD

Mw.dr. Margriet van der Sluis PhD

Assistant Professor
Expert areas: Health & Education (Education Management), Management & Organisation (Public Policy, Quality Management), Quantitative Methods (Statistics)




Margriet van der Sluis is the Academic Director of the TIAS Master of Management in Education (MME) program and is also a researcher at TIAS. Her research focuses on governance, policy and school boards in secondary education and vocational education. Over the next three years, Margriet will lead a major NRO study that focuses on the administrative capacity of vocational education institutions to improve the professionalization of educational teams.


In recent years, Margriet has worked as a senior consultant at BMC Advies. She was chairman of a quality group of a large school board for secondary and vocational education, adviser for school leaders and school boards o on various educational and governance issues (quality improvement,  preparing meetings with the Inspectorate of Education, changing management models and develop supervisory frameworks). In collaboration with professor dr. Edith Hooge, she lead a learning community of secondary education school board members.




In her dissertation (Januari 2015, Maastricht University), Margriet has shown how different stakeholders can value elements of education quality and what these insights can bring policy and management of schools. She designed a vignette study for measuring perceptions of educational quality by students, teachers, parents and employers. In addition, she conducted a policy analysis on 10 years of government policy on vocational education and analyzed study choice behavior of vocational students.




From 2006 to 2015, Margriet worked as a scientific researcher at the Dutch Inspectorate of Education. She contributed to There, she was the author of the yearly report "The State of Education in the Netherlands", developer of the inspection framework for vocational education, research advisor on thematic projects of the inspectorate. Furthermore she worked on various quantitative and qualitative analyzes of educational data.


Margriet is a member of the TIAS examination committee and part of the Governance Lab.


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