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Webinar: Reverse mortgages and the gray wave

By Dirk Brounen | March 16, 2015 | 1 min read

"The government is not a happiness machine," says our prime minister. In our “civil society” we increasingly have to do things ourselves, especially when it comes to comes to preparing for old age.

But what options are there when it comes to preparing for that carefree feeling of financial security in old age? How will we pay for the extra care that we no longer receive from “Father State”? In answering these questions we increasingly look in hope at the accumulated surplus value of our home. But how can this brick-and-mortar prosperity be utilized to achieve our retirement aspirations? Reverse mortgages seem the ideal way, but why then are they not yet the order of the day?

On Thursday, March 19, Dirk Brounen and Victor Vincent (AON) discussed the business of reverse mortgages in a webinar. Do you want to watch this webinar? Then click on the link below to hear about the opportunities these financial products offer, both from the pension fund and the household perspective.


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