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Housing corporation and health-care organization

June 4, 2014 | 1 min read

The Dutch population is aging, and care for and housing of the elderly are high on the social agenda. Health-care organizations and housing corporations are working intensively together to meet the demand for housing from the elderly. Due to Dutch government budget cuts, the relationship of health-care organization and housing corporation is now cast in a different light. Health-care organizations can clearly no longer pay for real estate, and housing corporations have less financial capacity to provide a guarantee for the financial gap.

Image: © Nationale Beeldbank

In her final project, Brenda Meusen has studied the new circumstances impacting on the relationship between health-care organization and housing corporation. She used a behavioral approach to find solutions in order to re-conceptualize and even to strengthen existing relationships. Complementarity is the keyword here. She concludes that the relationships entered into by the parties in the area of "accommodation" can be typified as cautious, less concerted and instrumental. Relationships established in the area of "welfare" can be typified as innovative and continue to generate closer collaborations. The nature of the relationships now, to a large extent, determine the degree of possible "outcomes" in terms of housing-care solutions.

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Wat is wijsheid?, Brenda Meusen (2013) - in Dutch)

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