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Growing with the lessee

December 3, 2013 | 1 min read

Everything becomes liquid under pressure. Under that motto, new products appear on the property market quicker and correspond better to the changing needs of the lessee. This Master of Real Estate (MRE) study conducted Tom ter Bekke focuses on the life cycle notion. How do the rental requirements of companies change during their life cycle and how can these be met?

The supply must be tailored to the demand to avoid vacancies within the office market. The quantitative and qualitative requirements that the lessee imposes on commercial property change as the company develops. Previous studies use a 'static' perspective and disregard this development. This thesis discusses a method that can provide an insight into how accommodation requirements and preferences change as a company develops. Twelve respondents within the creative industry have used the method. A trend can be identified on the basis of the study, and further research should indicate whether this is generalisable into other or larger settings.

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Andere tijden, veranderende eisen, ir. Tom ter Bekke MRE (2012) - in Dutch

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