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First results from the VGM Real Estate Benchmark

October 3, 2014 | 1 min read

At the VGM NL anniversary congress, Ingrid Janssen released the first results of the Real Estate Management benchmark.

Janssen: "I am very enthusiastic about what we have achieved in a half year. The desire to establish a benchmark for real estate management goes back to 2007, then under the name ROZ / IPD. This benchmark did not become what the participating parties had intended. Many market parties still have cold feet because they think that the main objective of such a benchmark is to rank real estate managers based on their performance. The benchmark is not an annual beauty contest. We offer participants an online application with which they can, at any given moment, compare their own management performance with the average of all participating real estate managers. The information that they collect through this application is important for communications with clients and helps in making decisions. This benchmark also contributes to further professionalism and transparency."

Participants in the benchmark also obtain their own access to this application, with which they can compare their own performance based on 18 market indicators. The application also provides insight into cost items. The first version of the application was received with great enthusiasm. during Provada.

At the beginning of this year, sector organization Vastgoedmanagement Nederland (VGM NL) announced that it would issue a benchmark. Ten of the associated market parties have both financial and substantive connections to this benchmark as "founding fathers" A contract was concluded with TIAS and, in specific, Associate Professor Ingrid Janssen, to set up and take care of the benchmark 
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