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Sustainalytics plays a role in the ‘long-term-ism of investments’

November 6, 2012 | 1 min read

For instance, Jantzi talks about the “long time tension” in the investment community with regard to long-term and short-term horizons. “Sustainalytics contributes to the “long-term-ism of investments… We help to ensure that investors take a longer term horizon by identifying environmental, social and governance issues, because often these will only show themselves as risks or opportunities over the medium- to long-term.” Obviously, an environmental concern can hit the radar screen in the very short term. “But generally, when we’re talking about climate change or water scarcity, it’s not something that will hit the corporate agenda tomorrow: it will be five, ten, fifteen years down the line.”


The interview was recorded during ESG Europe 2012 conference, held in Amsterdam, October 2012, organized by the Responsible Investor.

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