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Beyond the tipping point of sustainability

October 17, 2011 | 1 min read

Hertz summarizes her keynote speech at ESG Europe 2011 conference, which she finished just before the interview: “In the past companies started engaging with sustainability because they were concerned about regulatory risks or governmental threats. Now we increasingly see companies getting involved in sustainable actions because they realize there are returns to be made.”

On the consequences of the financial crisis, she says: “It gave us all the opportunity to step back and reflect on the kind of capitalism that we were living through. [...] It raised issues about equity and justice that were not really being talked about before. Sustainability falls into that wider mix of issues.”

Hertz on the future: “It is necessary that we start realigning economy and finance with sustainability and responsibility.”

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The interview was recorded during ESG Europe 2011 conference, held in Amsterdam, October 2011, organized by the Responsible Investor.

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Noreena Hertz
Professor of Sustainability and Finance, Duisenberg school of finance

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