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Real Estate programs

Develop your expertise in real estate with TIAS Business School programs. TIAS' Real Estate programs will help you achieve your ambitions by applying scientific insights to current issues in the real estate sector. Become a critical thinker who can find creative solutions that contribute to the transition and success of the industry, now and in the future.

All our programs can be delivered InCompany as well. Online, on-site, and hybrid.

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Take the next step in your career with one of the real estate programs of TIAS 

The real estate sector is undergoing transition on all fronts. From maximizing profit to balancing social and financial returns. From sustainability to circular innovation. From market sense to reality based on real estate data. From focusing on bricks to focusing on the user. In short, from challenges to innovative solutions.

TIAS's real estate programs provide professional development and depth, so you're ready to tackle these challenges and become a future leader in the real estate industry. Our training programs are aimed at individuals working in or with an interest in the real estate industry.

With a focus on practical education and research, our programs offer a unique combination of theory and practice.


Executive Master of Real Estate 

The part-time Executive Master of Real Estate will take you deep into in the field of real estate data analysis, valuation, financing, investing and sustainable real estate development. This helps you to get ready to meet these challenges and become a future-proof leader in the real estate sector.

The Executive Master of Real Estate consists of Real Estate consists of the following 4 professional modules:

  • Investing in Future-Proof Real Estate
  • Sustainable Real Estate Development
  • Real Estate Valuation, Financing and Investing
  • Real Estate Data Analytics
The four modules can be taken in any order, making the start of each module a possible entry point for the full Master's program.


Advanced Programma’s Real Estate 

The four modules from the Executive Master of Real Estate (MRE) can also be taken as individual modules in the form of an Advanced Program (AP). An Advanced Program is a multi-day part-time learning trajectory. The four Advanced Programs are briefly described below:


Advanced Program Investing in Future-Proof Real Estate

The real estate market is constantly changing. The need for real estate is changing rapidly due to social, economic and technological developments. For example, the growth in the number of households led to a housing shortage and the increase in online shopping has resulted in a surplus of retail properties. And what will be left of the office after the pandemic? Are you one of real estate’s future leaders and do you dare to shift your perspective? If so, the Advanced Program Future-Proof Real Estate is definitely for you.


Advanced Program Real Estate Valuation, Financing and Investing

The financial side of the real estate market is evolving fast. Financial crises in previous years have affected many long-held assumptions. All decisions now revolve around risk, and funding is no longer obtained through traditional agreements with established banks as a matter of course. Are you one of real estate’s future leaders and do you dare to shift your perspective? If so, the Advanced Program Real Estate Valuation, Financing and Investing is definitely for you.


Advanced Program Sustainable Real Estate Development

Sustainability is becoming an increasingly important factor in business strategies, including in the real estate sector. How do you increase the sustainability of buildings, areas, and cities? The real estate sector faces the complex but essential task of transitioning toward sustainable strategies and new business models. This process requires new types of collaboration and new alliances, both to generate the necessary innovation power and to upscale new solutions. Are you one of the future leaders in real estate who isn't afraid of challenging their perspective? If so, the Advanced Program Sustainable Real Estate Development is definitely for you.


Advanced Program Real Estate Data Analytics

The data revolution offers many new opportunities for the real estate industry. Though experience and a sense of the market used to be the only factors in real estate decisions, we are now increasingly relying on data. But how do you get valuable information from data? And when is it OK to trust your sense of the market? Discover how you can use big data and smart analytics to increase the value of your real estate decision.


Masterclass Real Estate Succes with Data

Real Estate Success with Data enables you to develop and implement your own real estate data strategy. Many real estate professionals hesitate about the added value of modern real estate analytics. This completely online program will familiarize you with the most important basic principles in an easy way, so that you can assess and implement this added value independently.

In various modules, we will introduce you to; real estate data and its importance, the transition from raw data to real value, the added value of modern data visualization. 


Why TIAS School for Business & Society 

  • Financial Times top-ranked business school for executive and in-company education.
  • All lecturers are top experts from academia and the business world.
  • Directly applicable scientific and practical knowledge.
  • Flexible programs tailored to your needs.


Our participants talk about the Executive Master of Real Estate


Walter Kemp

Appraiser of commercial real estate at Rijksvastgoedbedrijf

''Because I have been around for quite a few years, I needed in-depth and up-to-date knowledge on current themes such as Big Data, digitization, sustainability, the circular economy and financial innovation.' Walter: 'You get to work intensively with practical cases. This makes the program very practical and very applicable. I think the scientific basis is really valuable. Because you can better substantiate your points of view, you increase your persuasiveness. You are able to have a discussion instead of just giving your opinion. I wish that for everyone.''


Patricia Goudswaard

Director ERA VB&T Makelaars

''I learned to look at real estate in a different way and I wanted more depth in my work within the real estate industry. The MRE taught me to look at real estate in a completely different way: how can you invest and how do you get a return on it? Two topics that were discussed are directly applicable to our organization: big data and sustainability. We are rolling out a new brokerage model for which big data is extremely important. In addition, there is a major issue at our organization regarding the sustainability of real estate portfolios for large parties in the Netherlands. So do you want to look at real estate in a different way? Then I advise you to follow this course!''


Academic director of the Real Estate Programs 


Prof.dr. Dirk Brounen

As a professor at Tilburg University, Dirk Brounen researches the international real estate markets and in particular; the risk and return of real estate investments, the added value of real estate sustainability, and the importance of financial planning. His research results have been published in international journals such as: The European Economic Review, RAND Journal of Economics, and Real Estate Economics. He also teaches various financial real estate courses in various courses and is the author of the popular book “Nooit Meer Slapend Arm”.

In addition to his academic work, Dirk is active as an advisor to pension funds, investors, ministries, and regulators, among others, and he enjoys giving lectures about his research on various stages. He also links theory with everyday practice within the university. To this end, he has set up the TIAS real estate LAB, in which, together with partners from the market, he discusses the substantive real estate debate for a wide audience in a playful and entertaining way via livestream webinars and podcasts. See Ingrid Janssen 

Ingrid Janssen is affiliated with TIAS School for Business and Society as associate professor of Real Estate Management. Through her research she hopes to contribute to the professionalisation of real estate management in all sectors in which property is used for business purposes or held as an investment. She specialises in the subject of retail real estate, which she sees as an exciting area of study due to the constant changes in consumer behaviour. She shares her knowledge as a tutor on the Masters Programme in Real Estate at TIAS. Following her appointment as Academic Director in 2013 she is now responsible for the content of the programme.
Before embarking on her career as an academic, Ingrid worked as a commercial real estate manager in the south of the Netherlands and was responsible for the management of a property portfolio with an emphasis on the retail trade. She began to pursue an academic career in 2000 and was appointed as a tutor at Eindhoven University of Technology, where she lectured on commercial real estate markets, operation of real estate, market research and decision making in the real estate sector. She combined her interest in retail real estate and decision-making theories in a thesis completed in 2011.