Career opportunities

How to increase your career growth opportunities?

Three ways to stimulate your career development

You are ready to take on more challenges and to take the next step in your career. You have reached the point where you feel you have a grip on your current work and you are ready for more interesting tasks, more autonomy and more authority. You work hard, but you still can’t manage to climb the career ladder.

What are the obstacles that prevent you from growing within your current position? On this page we list the three most important causes of a lack of career opportunities.

1. Develop your competencies

You would like to continue to grow within your organization. However, your current education level is not sufficient for the position you are considering. As a result, you currently lack the right competencies to take that next step.

Ask yourself which competencies you want to develop that you need for a higher position. This allows you to draw up a clear plan on how you can meet the requirements. For example, by participating in a program that allows you to broaden your knowledge.

2. Make substantiated decisions, not based on intuition

Most decisions that you make within your position are based on intuition. Although that has been going well so far, you will notice that you can achieve more if you can base your choices on a scientifically proven theoretical framework.

An academic model provides you with a scientific basis for your choices. Moreover, it helps you to place your decisions in a broader perspective. A broader theoretical framework means that you can consider multiple perspectives and thus arrive at the most suitable solution.

3. Develop you leadership styles

Do you have the skills to guide a team of very different people in the right direction? And, in addition to a long-term strategy, the skills to develop new sustainable initiatives and at the same time manage the relationship with both your superior and your team members?

You can probably think of some other personal skills that you want to develop further. Perhaps the lack of these skills is a reason why you haven’t progressed to a higher position yet? Find a way to work on it!

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