Robbert Kramer MSc

Robbert Kramer MSc

Expert areas: Accounting & Control (Auditing, Internal Control), Context (Economics, Law, Technology), Finance (Risk Management), Information Technology (COBIT, IT Compliance, IT Governance, IT Infrastructure, IT Security, Technology and Law), Management & Organisation (Information Management, IT Management, Project Management, Risk Management)


Robbert Kramer studied at Twente University, four years of Business Information Technology. He joined Enrst & Young in 1998 and stated at TiasNimbas, the business school of Tilburg University and Eindhoven University of Technology, in 2000. He graduated from the TiasNimbas IT Auditing programme in 2002. He became teacher for Unix, Windows and Internet for E&Y internal education programme. He started teaching Auditing Unix and Auditing Windows at TiasNimbas in 2002.

Robbert Kramer is working for Van Lanschot since 2005. At first as Internal Auditor but switched to the auditee (Information Technology Department). After the outsource of IT to IBM and Accenture became one of the Service Level Managers for Van Lanschot. His current position is Service Level Manager within Van Lanschot.


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