Dhr. Piet Poos BSc

Dhr. Piet Poos BSc

Expert areas: Accounting & Control (Auditing, Internal Control), Finance (Banking, Corporate Governance, Risk Management), Health & Education (Business Processes), Information Technology (COBIT, Information Security Management, IT Governance, IT Infrastructure, IT Innovation, IT Managing Implementation, IT Managing Operations, IT Security, IT Trends, Technology and Law), Management & Organisation (Change Management, Information Management, IT Management, Operations Management, Organisational Behaviour, Organisational Development, Project Management, Quality Management), Strategy & Innovation (Corporate Development, Process Innovation, Strategic Corporate Governance)


In 2016 Piet has joined InAudit as a partner. Inaudit is a relatively a young firm specialized in providing internal audit an risk management services to small and medium sized insurance firms. In the years from 2011 tot 2016 has been self employed, working at numerous assignments e.g. CFO for an investment firm, implementing ERP solutions, developing business cases for a number of firms. Before 2011 he was responsible for Operational Risk Management at the Dutch bank and insurance service provider SNS REAAL. In this period his responsibilities included the implementation of the Code Tabaksblat (EC transparency directive) and the group wide implementation of Role Based Access Control. From 2000 to 2004 he was head of IT-Audit at SNS REAAL. 


Piet Poos worked from 1987 until 2000 as senior manager for Ernst & Young. His main area of interest during that period was information integrity in complex environments (mainly financial institutions and health care organisations). He is a register accountant (RA) as well as a register EDP auditor (RE).


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