Mw.drs. Mirjam Minderman

Mw.drs. Mirjam Minderman

Policy Adviser/Lecturer
Expert areas: Business & Society (Civil Society, Corporate Social Responsibility, Global Sourcing, Globalisation, Sustainable Development), Strategy & Innovation (Sustainable Development)


My background is in International Relations (master’s degree) with a specialization in the position of developing countries. When working with Oikocredit in the field of microfinance, fair trade and responsible investing, I became convinced that development cooperation would not be effective unless the broader notion of sustainable development is taken into account. Thus, my focus shifted more and more towards sustainability and CSR and specifically training and education on these issues. I provided training to executives of Dutch development organizations for several years (self-employed) and then started to work for the Faculty of Management and Business of University of Applied Sciences Leiden (The Netherlands). I developed and implemented the faculty’s policy on education for sustainable development and developed and coordinated ‘International Sustainable Development, post-graduate course for professionals in business and society’.


Currently I combine theory and practice of Management and Business Education for Sustainable Development by working on my PhD research in this field on the one hand and by working at TIAS School for Business and Society on the other hand. At TIAS, it is my task to develop and implement a coherent policy for the integration of ‘Business and Society’ in all programs and to develop education and provide lectures related to ‘Business and Society’ and Corporate Social Responsibility.


  • Minderman, M. (2015). Business and Management Education for Sustainable Development: A Process for Creating Sustainable Public Value. In: Leal Filho, W., et al. (eds.), Integrative Approaches to Sustainable Development at University Level, World Sustainability Series, DOI 10.1007/978-3-319-10690-8_32, Springer International Publishing Switzerland, pp.467-478.