Marjan Vermeulen Marjan Vermeulen

Expert areas: Health & Education (Education Management, Innovation), Information Technology (IT Innovation), Management & Organisation (Career and Professional Development Coaching, Change Management, Decision Making, Human Resource Management, Implementation of Change and Transition Processes, Knowledge Management, Leadership, Organisational Behaviour, Organisational Development, Organisational Learning, Public Administration, Research and Development), Quantitative Methods (Statistics)


In 1980 Marjan Vermeulen finished a social pedagogical education and worked as a social worker in different settings. In 1986 she started a study in the educational science at the University of Utrecht. Before graduating she started a job as contract researcher at the University of Amsterdam. In 1994 she started beside her job as a researcher a Phd project with the title ‘The school as a workplace’ and succeeded in 1997.
That year she started at IVA Tilburg as a senior researcher and a few years later as head of the unit education and culture. In 2002 she obtained for a halftime function as Lector by the federation of interactum. Her lectorship was focused on the school as an professional organisation and the collective learning of professionals within such organisations.

In the beginning of 2007 she left the research institute and became halftime director of SBL (institute for professional quality of the teaching profession in the Netherlands). At the end of 2009 she became halftime associate professor at RdMC, a center for professionalization of teachers of the open university of the Netherlands and combined this a half year later with a function as knowledge manager at the KPCgroep. KPCgroep is an institute for advise and practical research for organisations in the field of education.
From 1993 she has given lectures for student in education on several topics, such as research, school organisation and policy, human resource management and development at a diversity of educational masters (professional masters as well as masters at the university).


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