Mw.drs. Marjan Deelen

Mw.drs. Marjan Deelen

Expert areas: Accounting & Control, Family Business (Change Management, Consulting, Social Entrepreneurship, Strategy and Innovation, Transition Management), Health & Education (Business Processes, Innovation), Management & Organisation (Business Ethics, Change Management, Executive and Leadership Coaching, Human Resource Management, Implementation of Change and Transition Processes, Innovation Management, Leadership, Organisational Behaviour, Organisational Development, Organisational Learning, Organisational Negotiation, Performance Management), Marketing (Communications), Real Estate (Management), Strategy & Innovation (Conflict Management, Corporate Development, Strategic Decision Making, Strategic Innovation, Strategic Management, Strategic Mediation, Strategic Negotiation, Strategy and Leadership)


Drs. Marjan Deelen studied social sciences and is specialised in training and consultancy in the field of communication. Important themes are: business and management skills, influence styles, negotiation, decision-making and cooperation in (project) teams. She is specialised in implementation of change and transition processes in the own organisation-culture. In these processes she focuses on organisational development and the role of the employee in this process. In addition to training and advice, drs. Marjan Deelen works as a certified coach. She is lecturer in several master programmes at TIAS: Master in Real Estate, Master of Operational Excellence, Master in Finance, Master in Information Security Management and has more than 20 years experience in consulting, training and implementing assignments of many (inter)national companies. She is the director of Deelen Training & Coaching agency. She received the Best Teacher Award 2009 of TIAS.


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