Prof.dr. Kees Stuurman

Prof.dr. Kees Stuurman



Kees Stuurman is partner at Van Doorne and leads the Information Technology section. He is also professor of Information Technology Standards at the Centre for Law, Technology and Society (TILT) at Tilburg University.

Professor Stuurman specializes, among other things, in legal support of IT operations, ranging from advice in the preparation and contract phase, through guidance in case of IT disputes. In that context, he has broad experience including in (among others) outsourcing, IT- and telecomcontracting and European IT tender. He is frequently involved in complex ICT projects and often cooperates closely with ICT professionals and other parties involved in ICT disciplines (finance, management). As a specialist in the field of ICT-related legal issues he has broad experience in giving legal advice on subjects such as e-commerce (including electronic contracting, website compliance and electronic signature), privacy, evidence an preservation, open source, IT governance and IT security. Besides he is also active in the field of self-regulation (standardization, certification, codes of conduct). In several international and independant researches, professor Stuurman is recommended, for example in Chamber 2008: ''Clients praise Kees Stuurman as quiet and academic - a sensible man who can negotiate. Widespread consensus affirms him to be an excellent lawyer with strong skills.''


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