Prof.dr. Jo Caris

Prof.dr. Jo Caris

Expert areas: Health & Education (Health Care Management), Management & Organisation (Leadership)


From 2004 to 2013 Professor Jo Caris was the Academic Director for the Executive Master of Health Administration (MHA) at TIAS. He is also responsible for the master classes and executive board meetings in health care and for supervisory board meetings in non-profit organizations.

For over thirty years he has led various organizations in health care. He was for over twenty years been the chairman of the board for a large organization handling district nursing, home care, nursing homes and homes for the elderly. Previously he was executive director of an organization for youth and family therapy as well as a consulting organization in education. During these years he was also a consultant and interim manager in health care organizations such as an organization for treatment, enablement.

He has consulted the ministry of health care. He developed a financing system for youth care and advised on policy development with respect to several departments of care. Professor Caris was chairman, vice chairman and member of the board of a national branch organization in health care, in charge of developing national policy with member organizations and with the ministry and politicians in health care.

Professor Jo Caris studied social psychology of organizations and experimental social psychology at the Utrecht University. He obtained his PhD with a thesis on quality of consultations at the University of Amsterdam.


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