Drs. Jindra Kessener MCM

Drs. Jindra Kessener MCM



Since the late 1980s, I have been fascinated by what makes something work well, i.e., that there is a connection between the organizational aims and daily practice. I do this as a leadership counselor for individuals and teams, which is always about the future development of the organization and what this development needs from you and your team. And as a program manager, strengthening the capability to have a dialogue about complex issues. I focus on creating ownership within the organization as quickly as possible. Dialogical Leadership by Prof. Dr. Rens van Loon, with whom I also work, provides the framework for my work: the multiple self, moral compass, dialogue and the authentic connection between reason, intuition and the non-verbal (of which embodiment is an important part). SIOO executive change management and experience as a dance, yoga and meditation teacher are indispensable.

When I turned 50 a while ago, I thought I might have collected enough ‘mud splash on my coat’ to be able to take a role 'next to' organizations and leaders. I have worked in leadership positions and have always worked on organizational change. A lot has succeeded, and I have made enough mistakes to understand that things aren’t that simple.

Both as an HR director and as a program manager for leadership and organizational development, I always mention leadership and organizational development in one sentence. Because leaders, together with all colleagues, create the organization. The first key factor is leadership behavior, towards team(s), peers, director/board and towards yourself. The second key factor is the way leaders organize the work situation: processes, roles, reviews, etc.

I follow the educational evidence that learning is most effective when it happens in, or strongly related to, daily work. Also, for leaders.

I have almost 30 years of experience in profit and not-for-profit organizations, including: the Dutch Tax Authorities, various healthcare organizations, Summa College (MBO), SBI, Atos Origin, TNO, Royal Academy of Sciences. The various roles I have fulfilled: leadership coach for individuals and teams, program manager organizational development, responsibility for General Affairs and HR; HR management and HR advice; consultant; trainer; coach; teacher in a dance form that focuses on personal development; performing dancer; yoga teacher.