Prof.dr. Jacques Sijben

Prof.dr. Jacques Sijben

Professor Emeritus
Expert areas: Finance (Banking, Capital Markets, Financial Institutions, Financial Intermediation)


Professor Jacques Sijben holds a PhD in Economics from Tilburg University. He is emeritus professor in monetary economics at Tilburg University, and he was academic director of the Executive Master of Financial Economics at TIAS. He held visiting appointments at the Vlaamse Economische Hogeschool, at the Prague School of Economics, and at the universities of Bochum, Siena, Namur and the Dutch Antilles. He was a member of the Dutch Social Economic Council.

He wrote a book Rational expectations and monetary policy and edited Financing the world economy in the nineties. He has published several articles in Jahrbucher fur Nationalokonomie und Statistik, Revue de la Banque, Australian Economic Papers, The Journal of Banking Regulation and in many other journals.

His research interests are monetary theory and policy, financial markets and the business cycle, and bank supervision and financial stability. He received several 'Teaching Quality Awards' for financial economics in the Department of Economics at TIAS.


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