Drs. Ivan Pouwels

Drs. Ivan Pouwels

Expert areas: Family Business (Family Resource Management), Management & Organisation (Business Administration, Business Policy, Change Management, Consensus Building, Decision Making, Implementation of Change and Transition Processes, Innovation Management, Organisational Development, Organisational Learning, Public Administration, Public Policy, Quality Management, Research and Development, Strategic Management, Supply Chain Management), Strategy & Innovation (Business Strategy, Corporate Strategy, Entrepreneurship, Process Innovation, Product Innovation, Strategic Innovation, Strategic Management)


Ivan Pouwels is a researcher and consultant, specialised in inter-organisational cooperation. Key theme in both his research and consulting practice is the innovation of cooperation, identifying determinants of successful inter-organisational cooperation between firms within the same sector or industry, governed by Network Administrative Organizations.

His work at Van Spaendonck focuses on inter-organisational entities such as Professional and Trade Associations and  Industry networks, helping these entities to organise and further develop their sectors, industries or supply chains.

At ICOON Knowledge Centre and TIAS Business School (Van Spaendonck Chair Innovative Collaboration), Ivan is engaged in investigating the relationship between large scale cooperative networks of competitors and innovation.

Ivan teaches ‘finance and business modeling of associations’ at the ‘Academie voor Verenigingsmanagement’ and at ‘De Nederlandse Associatie’ on trends on innovation and cooperation.

In the past Ivan held a part time teaching position at University of Twente / Faculty of Business Administration (Decision Support Systems) and Van Hall Larenstein University of Applied Sciences (Land- and Water Management).


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