Frans Pannekoek

Frans Pannekoek

Adjunct Professor


A hands-on executive with 20+ years of experience and a proven track record of delivering strong results, spanning diverse international FMCG and retail companies managing and developing operations and supply chains. Specialized in mission-driven and scale-up environments. Visionary and strong-headed concerning making impact. Hands-on in making it work. Combining analytics, technology and imagination in problem-solving. A servant leader with a focus on financial performance and a passion for the underlying (true) stories.

'I believe in the power of stories. They are vital in connecting people, they unlock value and they create a sense of belonging. In supply chains this means dependent, direct relationships & traceability. The combination of hard facts, numbers and true stories is the credibility of impact. I work with a systemic-, circular-, end-to-end approach to ensure credible, scalable and long term impact.'

Frans Pannekoek studied at the University of Amsterdam and Harvard Business School. Hij is Head of Soaperations bij Seepje ( He was COO of Marqt and of Tony's Chocolonely. He has his own consultancy agency Blue Node Consultancy. He is part-time Adjunct Professor at TIAS Business School (Tilburg University) and volunteer at Number 5 Foundation, a place where people and organizations can work together towards a just and sustainable society.

His curriculum as Adjunct Professor at TIAS is grounded in Operations and Supply Chain Management: Impact-led Supply Chains and how to make them work, but includes wider experiences and knowledge-topics such as leadership of scale-up companies, team- and culture building, change management, digital transformation, sustainability and social entrepreneurship, debating, dialogue and poetry.