Dhr. Frans Pannekoek

Dhr. Frans Pannekoek

Adjunct Professor


A hands-on executive with 20+ years of experience and a proven track record of delivering strong results, spanning diverse international FMCG and retail companies managing and developing operations and supply chains. Specialized in mission-driven and scale-up environments. Visionary and strong-headed concerning making impact. Hands-on in making it work. Combining analytics, technology and imagination in problem-solving. A servant leader with a focus on financial performance and a passion for the underlying (true) stories.

I believe in the power of stories. They are vital in connecting people, they unlock value and they create a sense of belonging. In supply chains this means dependent, direct relationships & traceability. The combination of hard facts, numbers and true stories is the credibility of impact. I work with a systemic-, circular-, end-to-end approach to ensure credible, scalable and long term impact.

Frans Pannekoek studied at the University of Amsterdam and Harvard Business School. He became COO of Marqt, was Head of Operations/COO of Tony's Chocolonely, is founder of Blue Node that helps organizations with impact-led supply chain consultancy & storytelling, part-time Adjunct Professor at TIAS the Business School of Tilburg University (curriculum: Impact-led Supply Chains and how to make them work) and volunteer at Number 5 Foundation, a place where people and organizations can work together towards a just and sustainable society.

My curriculum as Adjunct Professor at the Business School of Tilburg University TIAS is grounded in Operations and Supply Chain Management: Impact-led Supply Chains and how to make them work. But includes wider experiences and knowledge-topics such as leadership of scale-up companies, team- and culture building, change management, digital transformation, sustainability and social entrepreneurship, debating, dialogue and poetry.