Jhr.drs. Evert Pruis

Jhr.drs. Evert Pruis

Expert areas: Strategy & Innovation (Strategy and Leadership)


As a team coach and developer of leadership and talent, Evert has been active for 28 years in organizations in the public sector, education and business. Work pressure and interests put pressure on cooperation. Not only within the (management) teams in the organization, but also between those teams and outside the organization.

Evert sees that people who flourish also flower their results. Whether that be personal, team, or organizational results. To this end he always creates a psychologically safe environment in which people dare to speak out. Open, vulnerable, non-judgmental and real. Evert invites the teams he facilitates or trains to do so by setting an example himself.

In his assignments, collaboration is invariably a key issue in the (management) team within the organization, but also between those teams and the wider context of the organization and their stakeholders. This requires a different attitude in mutual relationships and also different behavior to enable the desired performance. In almost all his assignments he coaches the leaders of the teams in parallel or afterwards for an appropriate form of leadership of leadership for the task facing the department or organization.


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