Prof.dr. Erik Beulen

Prof.dr. Erik Beulen

Full Professor
Expert areas: Accounting & Control (Auditing), Business & Society (Corporate Governance, Global Sourcing, Globalisation, Sustainable Development), Context (Technology), Finance (Investments, Private Equity), Information Technology (COBIT, Data Center Management, Information Security Management, IT Compliance, IT Governance, IT Infrastructure, IT Innovation, IT Managing Implementation, IT Managing Operations, IT Security, IT Trends, Technology and Law), Management & Organisation (Business Ethics, Business Intelligence, Change Management, Corporate Governance, Corporate Social Responsibility, Implementation of Change and Transition Processes, Information Management, Innovation Management, IT Management, Knowledge Management, Risk Management, Service Management, Sustainable Development), Strategy & Innovation (Conflict Management, Corporate Development, Information Strategy, Strategic Negotiation, Sustainable Development)


 Prof. Erik Beulen is currently full professor at Tilburg University and Academic Director for the executive MSc Information Management & Digital Transformations at TIAS School for Business and Society and a professor in Information Management at the University of Manchester (UK). Erik is also an external advisor at BAIN & Company. As an endowed professor, he held the KPMG Global Sourcing Chair at Tilburg University from 2008 to 2015. He obtained his Ph.D. from Tilburg University in 2000. His research concentrates on Information Management, disruptive technologies, outsourcing and governance. His papers have been published in journals such as Journal of Information Technology, the European Management Journal, Information Technology & People, Strategic Outsourcing, Journal for Information Technology for Development and Communications Association for Information Systems and the proceedings of the HICSS and ICIS. He is the author and co-author of various books on the subject of outsourcing and offshore outsourcing. Beulen also is the leading author of the book ‘Managing IT outsourcing’, published by Routledge, UK (2006 and third revised edition in 2021) and co-editor of Managing Digital Outsourcing, also published by Routledge, UK (2020). His upcoming book is on Data Analytics and Digital Transformations (Q2 – 2023)


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