Prof.dr. Egon Berghout RE CISA

Prof.dr. Egon Berghout RE CISA

Full Professor
Expert areas: Accounting & Control (Accounting Information Systems, Auditing, Cost Accounting, Internal Control, Management ), Business & Society (Strategic Corporate Governance), Context (Economics, Technology), Finance (Asset Pricing, Corporate Governance, Financial Systems, Risk Management), Health & Education (Innovation, Strategy), Information Technology (COBIT, Information Security Management, IT Compliance, IT Governance, IT Innovation, IT Security, IT Trends), Management & Organisation (Decision Making, Information Management, IT Management)


Prof.dr. Egon Berghout is Professor of Business and ICT at the University of Groningen and independent advisor. He is also president of the Benelux Association for Information Systems and member of the Board of the European IT Evaluation and Management Conference. He is member of the Academic Council of the postgraduate Controllers Programme of the University of Groningen and postgraduate IT Auditing and Consultancy program of Erasmus University Rotterdam. He studied Information Management at Tilburg University, IT Auditing at Erasmus University and completed his PhD at Delft University of Technology.


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