Edith Hooge Edith Hooge

Full Professor
Expert areas: Family Business (Social Entrepreneurship), Health & Education (Education Management, Strategy), Management & Organisation (Leadership, Public Administration), Strategy & Innovation (Strategic Management, Strategy and Leadership)


Prof. dr. Edith Hooge is full professor “Boards and Governance in Education” at TIAS, Tilburg University since 2012. Her research activities revolve around policy, governance and management in education systems and organizations. She teaches in TIAS programs for professionalization of (non-) executive board members and in the executive Masters for Public Management and for Management in Education. 
Professor Hooge is the President of the Education Council of the Netherlands, the independent governmental advisory body which advises Government and Parliament on education, policy and legislation and she is the President of the Police Education Council, which advises the Ministers of Justice and Security on police training and education ( 
She has more than twenty-five years of experience with academic research and teaching, and publishes scientific and professional articles and papers. During her career she always has connected science, policy and practice. She participates in research and advisory processes on education at the OECD (, guides board self-evaluations, advised boards, and regularly participates in monitoring or research committees in the area of good governance and governance codes.
After a year of voluntary work in Paris, she studied educational science at the University of Amsterdam. During her study, she carried out research at Braga University, Portugal and at the University of Siena, Italy. After a postdoctoral program Public Administration, she received her PhD in 1998 at the University of Amsterdam.



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