Dhr. Donatus Thöne MA

Dhr. Donatus Thöne MA

Expert areas: Context (Sociology), Management & Organisation (Career and Professional Development Coaching)


Donatus Thöne is father of three daughters, studied law and child psychology. He started his career as an assistant manager at plant for the Atlantic Coffee Corporation in Mexico. After this adventure he worked for Philips as a recruiter and as a consultant for Berenschot. The latter is one of the largest multi-disciplined consultant firm in the Netherlands. At Harvard he studied finance in the Summer. And then he started to work for Krauthammer International where he became a partner. In the meantime he studied for coach. In 2000 he established his own coaching company Donatus Thöne & Associates. With some of the 500 biggest company’s in Holland they have ‘maintenance contracts’ for the personal coaching of individuals and teams. He is a lecturer at TIAS and Eindhoven University of Technology for already ten years. He has been coaching a lot of teams from management boards of big financial companies to a group of three men who wanted to cross Greenland in 2008. Donatus Thöne wrote “fairy tales for managers” 4rd edition over 11.000 copys sold and “ what will I tell St. Peter, tiles about personal leadership and coffeecoaching”.


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