Colette Cuijpers Colette Cuijpers

Assistant Professor
Expert areas: Information Technology (IT Governance), Marketing (E-Commerce)


Dr. Colette Cuijpers is Assistant Professor at Tilburg Institute for Law, Technology, and Society (TILT). She studied European and Dutch Law and received her PhD for a study on the possibility and desirability of implementation of the European privacy directive into the Dutch Civil Code. Besides carrying out research relating to privacy, she participated in research programmes and published in the field of liability law, e-government, e-commerce and intellectual property rights. She has been involved in several European projects relating to identity and e-government in which she focussed her research on liability of eGovernment services and the legal implications of new technologies such as RFID. Currently she is working on privacy aspects of data mining open sources, smart metering systems and Location Based Services and liability issues regarding robots.


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