Prof.dr. Charissa Freese

Prof.dr. Charissa Freese

Vice Dean
Expert areas: Management & Organisation (Human Resource Management)


Prof. dr. Charissa Freese is vice dean of TIAS School for Business & Society. In the Executive Management Team, her responsibilities are Education, Faculty and Research. Her expertise is on employment relations on which she teaches in for instance the executive Master of Management and Organization, masterclasses and the program for Directors in the Public and Non-Profit Sectors. She teaches on topics like psychological contract management, organizational change, the influence of robots, AI and digitization of the workplace and employer engagement in workplace inclusion.

In addition, she is an endowed professor at Tilburg University on a chair in HRM and Social Security. This chair is sponsored by Instituut Gak. Her research is on the social issue of how employers, employees and institutions can help create optimal labor market participation. With her research team, in which she supervises Ph.D. candidates and postdocs, she investigates how HRM can contribute to decent work for non-standard workers, such as unemployed, people with disabilities, refugees, labor migrants, flexible workers and solo-self-employed. She is also an extra-ordinary professor at North-West University, South Africa.


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