Encouraging and discouraging institutional factors

May 24, 2016

Professor Hans Groeneveld will speak during the ICA 2016 Almeria Congress about encouraging and discouraging institutional factors for co-operatives. The presentation can be followed by a live stream on Thursday the 26th of May from 09:00.  



Professor Hans Groeneveld has developed a methodological skeleton to assess whether new and/or incumbent co-operatives in all economic sectors around the world (have to) operate in a supportive or discouraging environment. He focuses on the concept of the enabling environment for co-operatives. The enabling environment encompasses many different aspects, i.e. ‘institutions’ (attitudes, norms, rules) as well as legal, cultural and economic factors. This project was commissioned by the International Co-operative Alliance.

In his research, he tackled this issue by defining building blocks for future Doing Co-operative Business Reports. He used a proxy for the size of the co-operative economy in 33 countries and correlated this variable with readily available indicators reflecting various aspects of the enabling environment mentioned above. Hence, the suggested methodology has also been applied empirically.

Is Thursday the 26th of May at 09:00 not convenient for you? suit your agenda? You can watch the presentation afterwards at a time that suits you, by using the same link.

Watch the live stream: