TIAS Master Classes

With our three-day Master Classes, you can quickly and effectively broaden and deepen your knowledge. You'll connect scientific knowledge with your work practices and organizational challenges, enabling you to achieve greater impact for yourself and your organization. Engage alongside other highly educated and ambitious professionals, learning not only from renowned instructors but also from each other.

Our Master Classes are designed for a broad group of experienced professionals, ranging from ambitious starters to seasoned senior executives and board members. They share a drive for development and learning, working in both profit and nonprofit organizations. Our top academics and industry experts blend deep expertise with extensive work experience, seamlessly bridging theory with your practical situations.

We have 20+ Master Classes available, and our selection is continuously reviewed and expanded. Check out our current offerings in Master Classes.


Time, Location, and Costs

Our Master Classes are held at our well-equipped campuses in Tilburg and Utrecht, from 9:30 AM to 5:00 PM. Both locations are centrally located and easily accessible by public transport and car.

The cost for a Master Class at TIAS is €3900 excluding VAT. This price includes:

  • Day arrangements (lunch, coffee/tea, and refreshments) during class days
  • Registration and administrative fees
  • Access to the online learning environment
  • Required literature, textbooks, and course materials


More impact and benefits with the Master Class Bundle

Over the next two years, strategically advance your professional development with the Master Class Bundle. Choose 3 Master Classes of your preference, save €2000, and amplify your impact for yourself and your organization.

With the Master Class Bundle, you'll attend three Master Classes tailored to your personal situation, current organizational challenges, and development goals. Select three Master Classes upfront from our extensive offering or start with one and decide on the remaining two later, based on your needs and schedule.


Costs of the Master Class Bundle

The cost of a Master Class Bundle is €9700 excluding VAT. This bundle grants access to three prestigious Master Classes of your choice from TIAS' complete offering. It includes catering and all study materials.

The cost for an individual Master Class at TIAS is €3900 excluding VAT. By opting for the Master Class Bundle, you save €2000.

The bundle is valid for a period of two years from the start of your first Master Class and cannot be combined with other discounts or promotions.


How do you finance your education?

You have found the program that best suits your learning goals and ambitions. But how do you finance this? There are different ways to do that. Your employer can play a role, but there are also interesting statutory regulations that you can use yourself. We list the possibilities for you.

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