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Twelve parties in VGM benchmark

March 2, 2015 | 1 min read

Last year the HSE benchmark for real estate managers was created, an initiative from industry association VGM NL and its members. Following the recent joining of Fris and ACM, there are now 12 major parties participating. A foundation chaired by Han Machielsen, former director of DTZ Zadelhoff Property Management, aims to increase participation further.

The benchmark is a tool that is useful for both the participants and for (potential) clients. According to Jac Bressers, President of VGM NL, the benchmark can really help the market as it promotes the quality of operational data and enables comparison of performance data. "You can also see it as a management tool that allows you to create more dynamics within the organization. This tool gives insight into which dials you can turn to improve the operation and service, while reducing costs."

In 2013, the - then still 10 - initiators asked TIAS School for Business and Society to create the VGM Real Estate Management Benchmark. The idea was that real estate managers have a wealth of information, which they had kept to themselves until then. By collecting that information, trend analyzes can be created that provide insight into how operational data evolves over time and how it is linked to other indicators such as inflation, consumer confidence, and construction price increases.

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Een instrument om de service te vergroten, PropertyNL (2015) - in Dutch

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