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TIAS helps to innovate real estate

By Menno Maas | April 1, 2015 | 1 min read

The media associate real estate and construction with inertia and rigidity. Although this perception is justified, it is also worrying. It is very necessary to stimulate innovation in real estate, argue TIAS and real estate magazine PropertyNL. The two parties have therefore launched a series of workshops to promote innovation in the real estate world. They are working together with other parties, including Berkeley University.

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Menno Maas, executive in residence at TIAS writes in PropertyNL: “Real estate is averse to what we call radical and disruptive innovation, but there is a lot of incremental innovation. People do not notice this kind of change straightaway. The changes are gradual and incremental. It is true that a crisis in the case of real estate is not an ideal breeding ground for change. Many companies were just happy to have survived. The budget for innovation was not a priority. This isn’t a good attitude, because it means that you will not respond to the current massive change in the market." 

The added value that TIAS contributes to the workshops is its comparative study between change processes in real estate and those in other disciplines and experiences. "PropertyNL is the link to the market: who are the new players and what works and what does not? It gets even more interesting when you take an international approach – with PropertyEU (VastgoedLab and PropertyEU already worked together on the last Provada International Day) and with universities. I support joint ventures with other business schools, such as Shanghai Jiaotong University. The latest news is the establishment of collaboration with Berkeley. That is how we develop a real 'house of innovation.'"

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